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Emergency Dentistry – Summerfield, NC

Stop Your Dental
Pain Now

Ignoring a dental emergency or a potential dental emergency is one of the worst decisions you can make. Broken or infected teeth do not get better on their own; in fact, the situation will only grow worse over time. When you need urgent care, Dr. Parry will do everything he can to schedule an appointment for you as soon as possible (ideally on the same day as your call). Keep the number for Magnolia Shores Family Dental close at hand so you can get in touch with us immediately when you need to for emergency dentistry in Summerfield, NC.

Why Choose Magnolia Shores Family Dental for Emergency Dentistry?

Common Dental Emergencies

Woman in need of emergency dentistry holding cheek in pain

Whether you were in an accident that involved getting hit in the mouth or are suffering the consequences of poor oral hygiene, you need to acknowledge your dental emergency so that you can take the appropriate first aid steps. Below, you’ll find some examples of common emergencies as well as general tips for dealing with them. We can give you more specific instructions over the phone depending on your circumstances.

Woman with toothache holding cheek


Use dental floss around the tooth in question, and rinse with salt water to flush out any food particles that might have gotten stuck; call us as soon as you can if this doesn’t stop the pain. Take ibuprofen or another kind of painkiller if you need to.

Man with chipped tooth covering his mouth

Chipped or Broken Tooth

If there’s any bleeding, hold a piece of gauze on it for about 15 minutes. Place dental wax on any jagged edges. You can eat if you need to as long as you stick to soft foods and avoid chewing with the side of your mouth where the damaged tooth is located. 

Closeup of smile with knocked out tooth

Knocked-Out Tooth

Pick up the tooth by the end normally used for chewing and rinse off any dirt. Try to put the tooth back in its socket; if that isn’t possible, you can store it in a glass of milk instead. Call us immediately and get to our dental office within the hour; it’s possible to replant teeth, but only if we act quickly.

Woman with lost filling covering mouth

Lost Filling or Crown

You can protect your tooth by temporarily reattaching a lost restoration with dental cement. It’s common to experience tooth sensitivity after a restoration falls out, but you can apply clove oil to the area for comfort.

Preventing Dental Emergencies

Woman receiving dental checkup and teeth cleaning to avoid emergency dentistry

Accidents can happen despite your best efforts, but there are several ways to lower the risk of dental emergencies:

Cost of Dental Emergencies

Man in dental chair for emergency dentistry

Different emergencies will have different solutions; some can be solved with a crown while others require more complex procedures. As such, it’s difficult to give you an estimate of the treatment costs until we’ve had a chance to examine your mouth and identify the underlying issue. Don’t worry; we make gentle, personalized care our top priority, and that means finding the best way to stop your pain and repair your smile with an affordable treatment!

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