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Root Canal Treatment – Summerfield, NC

Quickly Ridding You of Tooth Infections

Among the many myths about root canals, one of the worst is the idea that they hurt. Modern technology and methods ensure these treatments don’t cause you aches or pains. Instead, they just relieve the discomfort and distress of your infected teeth. That means you shouldn’t hesitate to contact us for root canal treatment here in Summerfield. Through this service, Dr. Parry and our team will help your aching tooth (or teeth) feel much better. Learn more by reading below or book a visit today!

Why Choose Magnolia Shores Family Dental for Root Canal Treatment?

Do I Need Root Canal Treatment?

A woman looking at her dentist while holding her cheek in pain

A root canal is a way to save an infected tooth, which is caused by harmful bacteria reaching the tooth’s pulp. So, patients usually need one when they show signs of infected teeth. The typical symptoms of a tooth infection are:

The Root Canal Process

A dentist performing a root canal on a young woman

Compared to other dental services, a root canal tends to be complex and invasive. Dr. Parry and our team follow a multi-step process when performing one.

For starters, Dr. Parry will numb your mouth with local anesthesia. Doing so will keep you from feeling pain during the subsequent toothwork. At most, you’ll only sense some mild pressure as our team treats your infection.

When the tooth is properly numbed, Dr. Parry will start the actual treatment. He’ll first use dental instruments to reach your tooth’s inner chamber and remove its pulp. Next, he’ll sanitize this interior and refill it with gutta-percha (i.e., a filling material). Dr. Parry will then wrap up care by sealing the tooth and protecting it with a temporary crown.

You'll return for a follow-up visit a few weeks after the initial treatment. At that time, you'll receive your final and permanent dental crown. This device will protect your treated tooth and keep it safe!

The Benefits of Getting a Root Canal

A dentist holding a mock tooth model while making the okay sign

Once you’ve had a root canal, you’ll enjoy upsides like:

Advanced Reciprocating Technology for Root Canal Treatment

Digital x-ray of tooth prior to root canal treatment

When performing root canal therapy, a small hole is created in a tooth so the dentist can access and remove any infected interior tissue. Most dentists use rotary files, or instruments that spin in one direction, to accomplish this. Dr. Parry, however, utilizes reciprocating files, which can spin both ways. This allows him to complete the treatment faster while also preserving more of a tooth’s structure, helping the tooth maintain its strength to drastically lower the risk of cracking or breaking in the future.

Ultrasonic Root Canal Therapy

Closeup of smile after ultrasonic root canal therapy

Ultrasonic root canal therapy involves cleansing the inside of an infected tooth using concentrated sound energy. This removes more debris compared to simply rinsing the tooth with a liquid solution, the method used by most other dentists. It does a better job eliminating harmful bacteria and dead tissue so that the inside of the tooth is left cleaner and healthier. As a result, the chances of the infection coming back are reduced to practically zero.

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